If you’ve been arrested or charged with a crime you may be angry, scared, intimidated, embarrassed or overwhelmed. But, here’s the deal: you just gotta deal with it. The threat of serious consequences that could include jail time for many offenses, is real, and not to be taken lightly.It’s not going away and the longer that you ignore the more problematic it’s going to become and the fewer options you’ll have.

You need to understand what you are up against, and consider your options. You need the best criminal defense lawyer that you can find who will fight for you and protect your rights and future. You need someone who will make sure that you are treated fairly within the complex criminal justice system,

Tower Legal Pricing:

We understand that legal fees are not something that you budget for every month.

Our fees are very competitive with many, less experienced criminal defense lawyers. And when it comes to protecting your future, the value of keeping a criminal conviction off of your permanent record for the rest of your life has significant value to you.

You owe it to yourself to at least investigate the possibility of fighting the charges, and finding out what an experienced Illinois defense lawyer can do for you, by taking advantage of a free case evaluation.

As part of a criminal case evaluation, our Illinois defense lawyers will go over all the facts of the case against you, suggest possible defenses, and likely outcomes in either case if you decide to fight the charges or work out a deal.

And we’ll do this as part of our free consultation.

Why do we offer a free case evaluation and consultation? For one, it’s the fair thing to do. You have a right to evaluate a number of defense lawyers to decide who is the best lawyer to represent you in court. And the only way to decide that is to here what we have to say. So it just makes sense.

And secondly, Tower lawyers have over 40 years of experience in Cook and DuPage county as prosecutors and know their way around the Illinois criminal courts. We believe that in many cases, after speaking with us and hearing what we can do to help, you will ultimately hire us.

In the course of a case evaluation, we’ll let you know exactly what our services would cost. Publishing a price list would be very difficult because the variables are too many. Prices depend on the severity of the charges, estimated court time, and extra legal research necessary, investigators, and more. Many of these things are rare, but I need to understand what it will take to defend you.

For most cases, like DUI/DWIs and narcotics defense services we offer flat fee arrangements depending on where you’re being adjudicated and the legal strategy that we pursue.

Believe it or not, Tower Legal lawyers are human beings and understand that bad things happen to good people at times when they lack immediate access to financial resources for an adequate defense. In these situations, we can often work out an alternative agreement on a case-by-case basis. In these situations, we encourage you to reach out to us and explain your special circumstances.

Ballpark Estimates:

So how much is it going to cost? Misdemeanor charges are usually a few thousand dollars but can be considerably less (i.e. a first time DUI/DWI or simple marijuana possession charge). Felony defense services typically start at $5,000 but there can be exceptions to that as well. In addition, we accept all major credit cards for your convenience.