Will Patrick Kane be Charged

The sexual assault allegations against Patrick Kane continue to reverberate in the media and here in Chicago where Kane is Stanley Cup champion and member of the Blackhawks.

After a night on the town in Buffalo, Kane and a friend joined two women they met in a bar at his lake front home. The next morning one of the women went to police and alleged that Kane assaulted her when she went into a separate room at his home by herself.

These cases are fraught with challenges on both sides and it can be very difficult to discuss without miscasting either party.

Authorities in Buffalo have been comparatively tight-lipped about the circumstances and progression of their case. Kane hasn’t given a statement and the media has reported little more than the investigation continues. Blackhawks management has indicated that it remains “hopeful.”

So where does this leave us. A woman alleged rape. She went to a hospital for treatment and the recovery of evidence. Presumably there are two witnesses to the alleged incident begetting the confounding, “he said, she said” situation.

It’s a safe bet that Kane has refused to be interviewed on this matter on the advice of his very talented attorney. Assuming that’s the case, authorities are awaiting the results of lab tests from evidence produced at the hospital to corroborate the alleged victim’s account before determining whether to charge anyone.

From a prosecuting perspective, the fact that the alleged victim seemed to seek treatment and report the alleged assault shortly after leaving Kane’s residence (this is known as “immediate outcry”) adds a layer of credibility from the perspective of probably cause to charge Kane.

Will Patrick Kane be charged with sexual assault? We’re holding our breath at Tower Legal but it seems likely that he will be. However, and this is the thing: charging him with the crime is a far cry from divining his guilt. The public accusation has certainly damaged his reputation but if he’s exonerated and continues to be an otherwise upstanding citizen, fan favorite and hockey superstar there’s no reason why he can’t repair the damage.